I have bolded the descriptions that are relevant in my life.

The 7 Capital Sins
He Who is on the Wrong Path:
He Who is on the Right Path:
Pride is content with his growth

desires to teach and not be taught

condemns others who aren’t as spiritual

wants others to see how spiritual he is

fears confession will ruin his image

seeks inner peace and not to please God

counters pride with humility

thinks little of himself and his work

focuses on the greatness and deservingness of God

realizes how little he can do for God

keeps his treasures secret

Greed becomes discontent with what God gives him

attempts to gain (more) spiritual consolation from books and works

focuses on the affect, not the substance of devotion

attaches himself to and place too much value on particular religious objects, holy places, or other visible things

set his eyes on God rather than outward things or inner experiences

allows all pleasures taken away so that his soul may be purified

Luxury experiences profound temptations and finds himself powerless to prevent them

gives himself over to impure physical pleasure

becomes lax in or gives up on prayer

fears impure thoughts and thus is agitated with them and becomes distracted

allows God to quiet the flesh, silence the devil, and diminish fear
Wrath is anxious and frustrated when delight ends

thinks loss of joy is a result of something he has or hasn’t done

strives to be “a saint in a day”

makes various resolutions to be more spiritual

is patient and waits for God to give them what they need

seeks spiritual meekness

Gluttony becomes addicted to and strives to obtain more of the spiritual sweetness of devotional life

subdues the flesh with great acts of submission, lengthy fasts, and painful penances

work their own will and thus grows in vice rather than virtue

does things for themselves rather then God and thus becomes weary

focuses on the feelings he gets from his devotional life rather than the incomprehensible, invisible and unfelt grace of God

focuses on the incomprehensible, invisible and unfelt grace of God

grounds his spirituality in perseverance, patience, and humility

Envy is not pleased to hear about others’ spiritual growth

makes his chief concern praising himself

prefers to have himself considered as “the most spiritual of them all”

Sloth becomes weary and abandons with spiritual exercises when consolation is lacking

becomes angry when feel they are called to do things that don’t fit their needs

loses interest in God because they measure God by themselves and not themselves by God

is too weak to bear the “crosses” given to him to help him grow


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