Green Eggs and…Italian Sausage?

Yep, you heard me correctly. This morning I made green eggs and Italian sausage sausage for breakfast. Not ham. Hot Italian sausage. And by green I mean pureed spinach and green onions. We’re too cheap green to use commercial food coloring. Green onions are a staple at our house anyways, and Zoey loves spinach. Here is a picture of my little leprechaun scarfing down a buttered bagel half between bites of green egg.


My bagel half, of course, was smothered with cream cheese, and topped with the green eggs and a side of sausage.


If you haven’t had a fried/scrambled egg atop a cream cheesed bagel, you must try it pronto.

Ze hu, folks! (That’s Biblical Hebrew for “that’s it,” didn’t you know?) Zoey and I are off to search for a pot of gold – gotta pay for those Relient K tickets somehow. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends!

ps. Stay tuned for a later post on how throw a first birthday party for even the youngest of rockers.


One thought on “Green Eggs and…Italian Sausage?

  1. Cute! So much better than food coloring! Enjoy these days when Zoey loves her green food… if you keep up the good cooking, she may never stop loving it!

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